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  • Coal Fired Boiler

Coal Fired Boiler

Yuanda Boiler Warm The World Every Moment!
Boiler Model: DZL/DZH
Product Capacity: 0.3--40 T/H
Working Pressure: 0.4MPa~2.5MPa
Available Fuel: Coal, Biomass pellet, Wood chips, Rice husk, Sawdust, Peanut shell, Palm oil shell, Bagasse, etc.
Applied Industry: Food&Beverage industry, Textile industry, Paper industry, Chemical industry, etc.
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Details Introduced


The Introduction of Coal Steam Boiler:

Yuanda Coal steam boiler have two types.

One is DZH hand operate moving grate type which is a manual type coal/biomass boiler needs labour to feed fuel and remove the dregs. It has Fire tube and water tube structure and suitable for small capacity, less than 8ton, and the equipment investment is low. The fuel can be wood log, wood chip, wood waste, coal and other solid fuel, etc. And the boiler is nude-packing, accessories are packed with wooden box for protection.

Another is DZL chain grate stoker automatic feeding fuel and removing dregs type which is a horizontal three-return water-fire pipe chain grate boiler, burning medium-sized bituminous coal. The boiler body is arranged vertically in a single drum. The threaded pyrotechnic tube is arranged in the drum to form a convection heating surface. The drum and the water wall on both sides form a furnace heating surface, and the burning equipment adopts a light chain grate; the overall quick installation form is delivered. Electrical control realizes stepless speed regulation of the grate, limit parameter alarm and chain protection.

DZH Steam Boiler                                      DZL Steam Boiler


The Application of Coal Steam Boiler:

Yuanda Boiler, Chinese famous brand with Grade-A license. Not only popular in china but also exported to 80+ countries with 60+ years experience, especially our coal steam boiler is highly praised by customers.

Our Coal/Biomass steam boiler widely used in food&beverage processing, medicine industry, chemical industry, textile mill, garment industry, wood processing, etc.

The Running Site of Coal Steam Boiler:


The Advantages of DZL Coal Steam Boiler:

1. More than 60 years of technical experience, 0 accident;

2. The new furnace arch strengthens combustion, and the coal type has strong adaptability; the boiler has sufficient output, fast heating and the thermal efficiency reaches more than 85%;

3. The threaded pipe strengthens the heat transfer, the airfoil flue is arranged reasonably, and the convex tube plate prevents cracking;

4. Professional steam-water separation device, high steam quality;

5. Inertial separation of soot, low concentration of original dust, environmental protection and energy saving;

6. The unique backwater injection technology of the hot water boiler prevents the tube from bursting and the water circulation is more reliable;

7. Fast-loading, assembly, semi-assembly and delivery, transportation, installation cycle and cost reduction of more than 30%;

8. Data collection, analysis, storage and remote monitoring of the Internet.

Technical Parameter

DZ Series Coal Fired Steam Boiler Technology Parameter Table
     Parameters        Boiler model DZH1-1.0DZL1-1.0DZH2-1.25DZL2-1.25DZH4-1.25DZL4-1.25DZH6-1.25DZL6-1.25DZL8-1.25
Rated steam capacityT/h112244668
Rated steam pressureMpa1.
Rated steam temperature184184194194194194194194194
Feed water temperature20/105
Boiler water volume3.153.154.754.777.
Grate area1.32.22.553.244.725.48.597.5910.4
Radiation heating area4.84.86.346.811.8112.613216.516.83
Economizer heating area10.5621.1231.6826.443.243.278.48104.64174.4
Thermal efficiency%>82
Fuel Type
Soft coal
Fuel consumptionKg/h190187378375760758104011251508
Exhaust gas temperature137.4109123131143140141139135
Max transportation size mm4320×1940×26855230×2000×27804880×2350×31775950×2400×31505650×2550×34346829×2620×35246529×3100×36648170×3180×38048130×3300×3950
Max transportation weight t8.615.21523.818.527254045
1.Special schemes can be provided according to local environmental requirements;
2.When fuel calorific value and chemical composition change, some parameters in the table will change accordingly;
3.Due to continuous innovation and improvement of technology, technical parameters are subject to change without notice.
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