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  • Gas/Oil Hot Water Boiler
  • Gas/Oil Hot Water Boiler

Gas/Oil Hot Water Boiler

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Boiler Model: WNS
Product Capacity: 0.3MW - 28MW
Return Water temp.: 70℃
Available Fuel: Natural gas, LPG, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen, Biogas, City gas, Diesel oil, Heavy oil, Dual fuel, etc.
Applied Industry: Food&Beverage industry, Textile industry, Paper industry, Chemical industry, etc.
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Details Introduced


WNS gas/oil fired hot water boiler is a kind of safe and high efficiency heating equipment from Yuanda with full automatic control system, It can also be regarded as fire tube boiler, packaged boiler, three pass design boiler and eco-friendly boiler. 

This series oil gas fired boiler is horizontal structure with three pass structure, fast assembly fire tube boiler, it has compact structure, small volume, strong load adaptability and low water quality requirement. This boiler adopts wet wet back structure, it can adapt to the high temperature, and increase the radiation heat transfer area and improve the heat transfer efficiency (up to 99% thermal efficiency).

Our gas/oil fired boiler normally suitable for 300kg/h to 40ton/h, use all kinds of fuels, such as natural gas, LPG, LNG, CNG, city gas, biogas, diesel oil, heavy oil.

Advantages of Gas/Oil Hot Water Boiler:


Features of Gas/Oil Hot Water Boiler:

1.Big corrugated furnace

Adopt the advanced corrugated furnace design, the combustion chamber with large volume. It enlarged the furnace diameter and create a bigger radiant heat exchange area, so increased the boiler thermal efficiency;

2.Automatic PLC control, Automatic Alarming system

Independently developed PLC control panel, better match our boiler operation, the electrical cabinet receives signals from all gauges and control the whole working system, including burner set on/off, water pump set on/off, water softener, etc.

3.Wet back structure

Wet-back smoke chamber,directly heating water in boiler proper, greatly increase boiler heating efficiency. It can also lower the temperature of back tube sheet to prevent cracking. And also extend boiler life and reduce maintenance costs.

4.Thread smoke tube technology

Strengthen the heat transfer and reduce the number of smoke tubes and boiler shell size.Reduce the thermal stress at the tube end to prevent cracking of tube sheet.

5. Three-pass exhausted gas flow design

Ensure high temperature exhausted gas contacting with boiler tubes adequately, reduce exhausted gas temperature and increase boiler efficiency.

6. Double layer 12cm aluminum silicate insulation, seal tight and avoid gas leakage and minimize heat loss.

Why Choose Yuanda:


1. 60+ years of boiler manufacturing experience, leading boiler manufacturer, factory direct sales with high quality, can be tailored for you;

2. 15+ years of boiler export experience, exported to 86+ conuntries, familiar with national import and export processes, 100000+ cases and 0 accidents;

3. Warm Service:

Provide professional technical solutions for customized choosing equipments, layout drawing, foundation, general drawing; Two-year warranty and full-life service for all of our boilers; Engineers abroad installing and commissing, employee traing, maintenance for two year;

Typical Projects:


Technical Parameter

WNS Series Hot Water Boiler Technology Parameter Table
             Parameters              Boiler modelWNS0.35WNS0.7WNS1.4WNS2.1WNS2.8WNS4.2WNS5.6WNS7.0WNS10.5WNS14
Rated thermal powerMW0.350.
Rated working pressureMpa0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6
Rated output water temperature95/115/130
Rated return water temperature70
Thermal efficiency%>98
Nox emissionmg/m³120/80/30
Exhaust gas temperature<60
Fuel Type
Light diesel oil/Heavy oil/Natural gas/Liquefied gas/City gas
Fuel consumptionLight diesel oilKg/h31.660.4122.8192.3246.1367.1490.2593.6936.51200.8
Natural gas Nm³/h 36.669.3146.1227.1286.5412.6543.7660.7998.81330.7
Max transportation size mm2860×1230×16533200×1420×18104350×1750×22504200×1926×24304450×2130×25945850×2540×29506250×2934×33807120×2632×31297270×3136×35208030×3436×3898
Max transportation weight t2.654.666.537.
1、Fuel heat value:Heavy oil 10000kcal/kg、 Light diesel oil 10240kcal/kg、Natural gas 9140kcal/Nm³、Liquefied gas 24000kcal/Nm³, City gas3800kcal/Nm³;When fuel value and chemical composition change,some parameters will change in the table accordingly.
2、We can provide special soulutions according to the voltage/NOx emission/smoke emission temperature/Boiler pressure/output temperature requirements of different countries and areas.
3、Due to continuous technological innovation and improvement, technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
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