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  • Water Tube Coal Fired (biomass-fired) Boiler

Water Tube Coal Fired (biomass-fired) Boiler

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Boiler Model: SZL
Product Capacity: 0.3--40 T/H
Working Pressure: 0.4MPa~2.5MPa
Available Fuel: Coal, Biomass pellet, Wood chips, Rice husk, Sawdust, Peanut shell, Palm oil shell, Bagasse, etc.
Applied Industry: Food&Beverage industry, Textile industry, Paper industry, Chemical industry, etc.
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Details Introduced


The Introduction of SZL Water Tube Coal/Biomass Boiler:

SZL series boiler product has a double-drum offset hearth (D-type layout, suitable for less than 10ton), double-drum water tube assembly travelling grate boiler (A type layout, suitable for more than 10ton), great apply for biomass fuel, environmental protection and energy conservation, and is a key promoted product of national energy-saving projects. Hornors of this boiler: National Scientific and Technological Progress Second Prize; Singapore New Product Expo Golden Lion Award. In total, SZL series boiler have double drum, water pipe, lock device, the secondary air flow, independent cyclone combustion chamber state, this type furnace burning coal, good using.

The Working System of SZL Water Tube Coal/Biomass Boiler:


The Application of SZL Water Tube Coal/Biomass Boiler:

Yuanda Boiler, Chinese famous brand with Grade-A license. Not only popular in china but also exported to 80+ countries with 60+ years experience, especially our SZL/DZL series boiler is highly praised by customers.

Our SZL steam boiler widely used in food&beverage processing, medicine industry, chemical industry, textile mill, garment industry, wood processing, etc.

It's fuel can be coal, biomass pellet, wood chips, rice husk, sawdust, peanut shell, palm oil shell, coconut shell, straw, corncob, bagasse, etc.

D-Type                                                      A-Type


The Advantages of SZL Water Tube Coal/Biomass Boiler:

1. The double drum is arranged vertically, and the upper and lower assembly structure saves the floor space of the boiler room;

2. Use of closed pressure chamber structure, more uniform distribution, more comfortable adjustment;

3. The use of large grate area improves the adaptability and combustion efficiency of boiler coal;

4. The momentum method is used to design the furnace arch, and the“α”type flame is more fully burned;

5. New furnace arch and insulation materials, heat loss is small, improve thermal efficiency;

6. Complete control function, safe and stable, and more secure operation.

Technical Parameter

SZL Series Steam Boiler Technology Parameter Table
Parameters                      Boiler modelSZL2SZL4SZL6SZL8SZL10SZL12SZL15SZL20
Rated steam capacityT/h246810121520
Rated steam pressureMpa1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82
Rated steam temperature194/204/226/450
Feed water temperature20/105
Boiler water volume6.765.
Thermal efficiency%83.1384.2384.8185.0286.286.5686.2986.8
Fuel Type
Soft coal, firewood, rice husk, palm shell and the other biomass fuels
Fuel consumptionKg/h385.880712091563.942149.32399.72568.44266.9
Exhaust gas temperature130.67142142149.15152.7148.7149.86147.4
Max transportation size mm5900×2850×34606460×3280×34627830×3560×34628870×3670×34627645×3180×35269258×3294×352411010×3300×220016680×6200×8420
Max transportation weight t22293440.5243724.725.973
Note:1.Special proposal is available according to different place's different encironmental requirements;
2.Burning fuel's heat value/chemincal component different, parameter different;
3.Since the boiler technology is keep updating, if there is any update in the future, no special imform.
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